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Homework Help: The working of an electric motor and generator

  1. Jan 18, 2013 #1
    I have a very silly question . I know how an electric motor and generator work; the changing magnetic flux and current flow causes the coil to rotate etc. and it generates mechanical or electrical energy.

    M question is how does turning of the coil generate mechanical energy from electrical energy in a motor and electrical energy from mechanical energy in a generator?
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    I think you question is a little unclear. Are you asking what relationship exists between mechanical and electrical energy which allows them to be interchangeable?
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    What I'm trying to ask is how does turning a coil create electricity? I know how the coil turns but how does the turning go on to give electricity in a generator?
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    The wire in the turning coil cuts the field from a permanent magnet at right angles, which initiates electron movement in the wire. There is loads about this on the internet.
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    Look up Flemings right hand rule.
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