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Theoretical Theorys of Magnetic Force and Origin

  1. Oct 6, 2012 #1
    Does anyone have a good theory for magnetic force?
    No need to talk about domain alignment or electron spin, (although if you have something deeper then just electron spin, id love to hear it)this much is known. I'm talking about the actual FORCE of magnetism. As in: If you are in a vacuum, there must be something between two poles for them to push or pull against each other, since there is NOTHING (or at least seems to be nothing) in space between the two poles, what is causing force? Or put simpler: Why does what one electron is doing in place, effect what another is doing in another place, when their seems to be nothing connecting them?

    This is obviously theoretical, since it seems no one really knows what this force is, but im still interested in anyone's theory! Anyone?
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    Yes! I have studied QED quite a bit, but I was looking for some different theorys....
    I will look into J.D Jackson's book, thanks!
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    This is a bit puzzling. How have you "studied" QED, and yet, you haven't come across Jackson's classic text? Shouldn't one start from that first?

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    I have bad news for you: QED is by far the best theory we have today. Unless you develop your own (not in this forum, please), everything else is an approximation to QED or very speculative (or both).

    There is the electromagnetic field.
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    Mfb - Yes, I completely agree. I just have a hard time picturing virtual photons . I know it works on the math side, but I have difficulty visualizing it happening in the real world.
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