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Greetings :smile:

What follows is a rough outline of a theory in progress, the theory of Jellotivity. This could also be called the Jello-Theory-of-Everything (JTE) or the Jello-Point-Energy (JPE) Theory.

why in God's name did I come up with such a stupid name for a theory ?, - well, let's just say, that I was in a long conversation about modified Aether Theory (MAT), and I started talking about aether like jello, a semi solid, which is translucent, and conducts waves so slowly that even a child can see how they work.
Our conversation led to some statements such as

"...think the jello is super stiff jello kam. every vibration is felt in the entire mass at once, and is focused on a locality and poof, becomes matter"

" and concerning the expansion of the universe ? There's always room for jello !"

While in the office today (I'm a Clerk), I began jotting down the following. (please note that you will have to entirely think of the universe in reverse to understand this, the whole world will turn upside down)

"If matter is a wave then the aether density can be measured by the velocity(speed) of light
if aether density transfers wave (propagation) with increased velocity (speed) when more dense, then the space is more dense (w/aether) outside the solar system.

If higher Density = higher velocity then
"matter waves" would represent Negative space, since space compresses around these masses, this is either improbable or spacetime is shredding thin like a rubberband around these objects.

I then drew a picture of light moving away from a solar mass labled "star/Nova", and stated that

"solar winds create light emanations"
these photons "evaporate" = more spacetime

I then drew waves on the paper
}}}}---(super high density wave= matter)
}|}|--- (high density wave)
} } }--- (low density wave)
| | --- (aether: motionless)

(it looked better on paper )

I then drew a black hole, with little arrows pointing inward, representing the flow of spacetime towards a collapse, and drew waves around the black hole, writing

"matter creation wave compression"

(it also looked better on paper)

I then wrote "matter = folded space"

followed by the neatest drawing of the solar system with an expanding wave represnting aether & light, with a particle wave going through the wave expansion. Essnetially this illustrated that as a wave, especially a light wave, moved away from large folds in space (like celestial bodies, like planets and stars) it accelerated.

I then wrote
"aether density is the same around a black hole as a white hole"
and then made a similar comparrison to "star and planet", representing the theory that plasma or super plasma induced photon release creates large numbers of photons which evaporate into more aether.

The importance of these two having the same density is'nt whether or not they produce gravity or anti gravity, it is the local density at a radius that is important... it doesn't matter which direction "gravity" is flowing, distance from similar masses, whether they are expanding or compressing spacetime is irrelevant. Another way of understanding this, is being on a river... as the river widens, the level of water lowers, now you may be rowing upstream (against gravity), or downsteam (into gravity), but the depth of water at that juncter is exactly the same, no matter which way you want to row.

The next page, was some what more complicated, but got to the point really fast.

Matter more dense = higher frequency aether

higher frequency aether = less density of aether

The objects (waves) travel less and less through denser objects (wind resistance, water resistance, lead resistance, etc.) while pure waves (photons or matter for example) travel /faster/ through aether.

Understanding this required me to remember that Aether is like a malleable solid like jello, but very stiff, and that it treated matter kind of like air- in otherwords, matter doesn't really exist, its only a ripple in spacetime, but spacetime is the real "matter".

Thus the farther away from thin frequency matter, the more "aether dense" a substance would be, relative to "matter-wave" frequencies.

Thus if you have something that is light, it is a very decompressed aether wave, if you have plasma, it is more compressed, and so on, lead would be an extremely high ripple in spacetime, and would, to the aether, be very "thin". Try to remember that sound waves travel faster through metal and water (i think ??) than through air.

Radioactive Isotopes are superdense-high frequencies of aether. The natural reduction in mass is caused by aether pressure --> <--, negatively pulling the frequency apart <-- -->, photons and X-rays are released because they are lower frequencies of aetheric vibration.

All matter = negative aether Density
thus all matter, people, rocks, energy = negative measurement

(that is to say, we would measure them with negative numbers in relation to space density as "zero" or a positive integer, with mass representing a reduction in density)

Sound can't exist in aether because it is a transformation of light & matter (its a wave within a wave, not a true wave, like matter)

Going from zero frequency - High density Aether, all the way to high Frequency-Low Density Aether, we wave

low waves (EM ?)
plasma (the electron-photon-matter connection)
radioactive solid (with free radicals represented as wave decompression, or "half life")

For a hindu perspective, Prana would therefore equal all the wavy motion itself, such as light, lifeforce, energy, animation, etc.

while Aether would be the akasha, the biblical "waters", spacetime, vacuum, and so on. But to avoid calling it aether, we can call it JELLO.

My main remaining questions were about electron frequency (the whole gain a photon/loose a photon loose an orbit idea made me really think about the frequency change of an "atomic particle")

I also proposed that since sound waves were a pure internalized mechanism of existing waves, that you could technically (i have no idea how) increase the density/frequency of an object through sound waves, or in reverse, you could disintegrate an object (that we have a bit more evidence of, although we still don't have total discorporation of a "matter wave" yet.. - an interesting experiment in harmonics, to say the least--- and WAYYY out of my budget.

Jellotivity Part 1

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it occurs to me that there are three primary forms of waves

Sound waves

Electron waves (electricity, such as in a current)

matter-waves (consisting of all forms of matter and all energy EM waves)

What puzzles me right now, is the difficulty in resolving how a sound wave could be produced in Aether.

By its nature, it is impossible to pass either electricity or sound deep into the aether, unlike a matter wave, because the wave transmission of matter-waves travel like a shock wave or ripple through the watery void of space, while Sound waves actually travel only within matter-waves themselves.

I believe harmonically, that if you can

1: Destroy a wave by creating an exactly opposite frequency wave to collide with it.

2: alter a wave form by creating a similarly long wave band and splice two waves together, thus creating a new wave form

Then, I believe

1: it is possible to alter the natural form of any matter-wave (object) through wave harmonics (the careful manipulation and production of waves) to distort its image

2: you can by the similar method of above amplify the wave, making it "louder", which in effect, could make a matter-wave more dense, and even more masssive, since our version of mass measurement is based upon density and displacement, and the displacement itself can be changed- much like how dropping an asteroid into the ocean not only creates a splash, but creates tidal waves- which we could, with matter-wave theory, illustrate as an analogy to increased "mass".

3: you could "shrink" an oject, by compressing its wave pattern, although i believe that this would not only change the relative "mass" of the object, it would also distort it to alien levels, and the perception of the object in connection with the universe of spacetime would be so distorted- i don't know why you would want to do it, except in designing nanotechnology, or some kind of FTL microprocessors with some kind of amplifier (im trying very hard ti ognire science fiction and star trek theory here, I am merely stating that a wave compression exceeding photon waves could move faster than photons, and thus be used for very very small circuitry).
I think if you did this to a living creature they would die horribly, or worse, live through it long enough to scream and die.

4: most importantly, and most confusingly, you could create an object from thin aether, simply like dropping a pebble in a pond, you would create ripples. These first ripples would be low band frequency EM, then light waves, eventually plasma, then gas patterns like hydrogen, and so on, until you could create a double helix of multiple molecules and replicate life

5: once a person figured out how to capture and transmit a matter-wave with a large pulse (tidal wave effect through spacetime), you could safely teleport an object from location to location, at very high speeds, perhaps much faster than sound, or even lightspeed.

In effect, with matter-wave theory harmonics mastered (im still trying to figure out how sound could be produced in aether - which would be the new holy grail of matter-wave physics- because it wouled mean we could create air in space, or replicate objects in space, having no need of spaceship containers etc.- because after all, oxygen, and even H2), are merely waves)

Yes, i think if mankind mastered this theory, they would be godlike- but it still doesn't solve any of those other interesting questions, like how not to die or live forever, although viruses obviously resonate with a certain frequency, so its possible to use compressed hypersonics to vaporize viruses in the same way Lasers can vaporize cancer cells without damaging skin.

-Shinashi- always dreaming
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Usual question for all wave based theories. How does apparent quantisation of radiation and often energy in general fit into a model based on continuous distributions?
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Not being a trained nuclear physicist, I don't know if I understand your question, but assuming I do, I will state that this weekend (this theory is only 7 days old)

I had a long discussion with a friend out on a Farm (i live in a city), and concluded a number of things.

I concluded that all radioactive materials were unstable wave compressions. First, allow me to say that I believe in a 3 dimensional wave fluctuation for a representation of something like a photon or proton, kind of like a little blue rubber ball that gets bigger and smaller and bigger and smaller in a cycle. I know this isn't a perfect model, but its a start.
Now i don't remember the name of those new 3D origamy balls they have at the Genius Kid shops, but if you recall those little self folding balls that expand out to a 1 meter ball, from a small 5 inch ball that looks like a coosh ball, then you have an idea, of how I perceive folding space, in representation of a photon.

Essentially, the photon is compressed space, and when it "evaporates", the photon unfolds out to a geometrically much larger volume of true space. It may be possible (this isn't part of my theory, just a hypothesis) that the reason light moving away from its source at x^2 dissipation, is because the photons are slowly expanding away from the center, occassionally decompressing enough into spacetime to create a weird ray of spacetime, allowing the individual photon waves to travel in streams, like fish in the gulf of a river when it opens into the sea.

Radiation to me, therefore, appears to be unstable matter- that is to say, matter that spacetime really opposes, and attempts to shred back to some form of inert matter. To represent this, I took an object to the center of a room above a table, and described the object being suspended by a number of tight rubber bands in every direction.
The smaller the central object became, the tighter the rubber bands would get, but they would also get thinner. Some would snap back.

Since I believe matter and energy are both on the same spectrum of waves, except matter has an exponentially higher frequency and wave density, it makes sense that spacetime, in an attempt to equalize the area around a radioactive source, would "pull" at the wave lengths of these matter particles the weakest of these "ribbons" being light waves, gamma waves, and so on (if i had some kind of scientific assistance I am sure i could coalesc a giant EM-Matter spectrum, much like our existing periodic table/EM spectrum, but combined)..

Essentially, this is the law of averaging... If Aether is at low to zero frequency, and matter is at extremely high freuqency, then inbetween would be various radiactive waves (X-rays, Gamma Rays, Alpha waves, and so on) and the like.

As for a nuclear explosion... I don't want to say its scalar waves ( i don't consider myself that much of a crackpot), but i will say it can be explained entirely from wave theory, although it took me like fifteen minutes plus pictures to show how a ball of tightly packed unstable matter inside a reflective wave sphere where detonation from all sides would create exponential waves.

Essentially, I believe that the High Frequency of nuclear matter, when affected by these amplified waves, is converted from high frequency-low energy emission to low frequency-high energy emission shock waves.

I believe these waves are so disruptive, that its almost a direct Frequency - Energy conversion (from e15 frequency to e15 joules of energy for instance), and these can, like two opposite sound waves colliding into nothing, or like antimatter and matter- disintegrate (to the best of its abilility- a Nuke does try very hard) the matter-waves around the shock wave, this creates a vacuum (being reduced back to aether), and the implosion creates the winds.

Sorry if I am not a nuclear physicist, but this makes perfect sense to me, for all 45 minutes of thought i put into it.

If you mean ambient radiation, I'll save the reply for another post.

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