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News There is a very thin line between Dictatorship and Democracy

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    As of late, I have become ever more enraged by the acts of police, governments and higher controlling organisations. If its not the fact that me working lets someone else who was stupid enough to have a kid (or 10) at the age of 13, sit on their arse all day long, watching the cash roll in. Then its the fact that everything is deemed racist (such as the immigration ISSUE!), we don't seem to care about people already existing in this country, we only care for people coming INTO this country (legally and illegally I might add). Also who has the right to say what is Right or Wrong? (morally), not a day goes by that I don't get spoken to as if I am a mere piece of filth doing something wrong by living a 'normal' life, not to mention when the policeman bumps into me, threatening to arrest me for GBH towards an officer...who the F*** is an officer? why can they do this crap to me, but when I treat them how they treat me I receive threats of an arrest and criminal record?

    So please tell me if I am thinking to much into this, but I do believe this god forsaken country has become a police state, with no real morals, just that which the corrupt governments choose to force upon us.

    Maybe its just me...

    God save the queen...and all that patriotic bull.
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    Well what you describe doesn't really have anythin to do with dictatorship, it is more like democratic socialism.....but I feel your pain
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    This is a pointless rant. There is absolutly no possibity of a meaningful dissucssion.

    Thread locked.
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