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I'm very familiar with the almost ubiquitous narcissitic delusion that people have of thier own conception of reality being reality's ultimate source.

Does the inverse of this exist in many or any people at all?
There is no me. There is only you.

Are some people so dependant that they get the impression that if people stop thinking about them they will cease to exist? It seems extraordinarily unlikely based on my personal experience but such is the limitation of personal experience. (irony intended)
heh, if no one responded.. would you wonder if you existed?
It is the idea that we recieve and percieve stimuli that makes us understand we exist.

Without any type of learning or impact from environment, we would probably consider that we don't exist. Such a thing could be psychologically possible, but very rare I would consider and idiotic.

Also, anyone that replies with the words: my, i'm, I, thy, etc..
Ownership of self or misc. item. Such things show you exist.
Such things relate to ontology.

I guess if you were me, then you could create the philosophy that you don't exist. But that's reserved for me. Nah, just assume that you are actually composed of intelligent life called atoms which have a quantum physical behavior of their own, which they actually own you together in a group. You don't own you, they own you. Without them, you don't exist.
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As tiny infants, we learn because of the mimicing and repetitions of our caregivers. We smile, baby smiles; baby smiles, we smile. The little mind grows exponentially in response to stimulus and repetition, and feeding and affection. The more regular occurences in a baby's life, the more stimulus, the more their intelligence grows, and the security to develop intellect sets up.

People that are narcissistic, possibly were left to be more self reliant than they would have liked to be. Perhaps they were well fed, and stimulated, but abused so there were no trust or intimacy bonds to be formed. Since they had to not trust, to survive, perhaps they think that everyone really lives that way.

I think that we are all bit players in each other's plays, with the exception of very close relations where bonds of trust and interest draw us out.

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