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Homework Help: Thermal Expansion-how much has the ocean expanded

  1. Mar 21, 2013 #1
    The ocean’s average temperature has risen by approx 0.375°C over the century. Use this value to estimate by how much the ocean water might have expanded in items of percentage increase.

    This is what i started doing but I do not think this is right.
    Coefficient of Cubical Thermal Expansion (Y)= change in volume (dv)/ Initial volume (v) * change in temp (dt)

    Coefficient of volume expansion of water= 207*10^-6 per deg C
    Linear coefficient = 1/3 cubical coefficient
    = 6.9*10^-6%
    But i am not getting the right answer I do not think. Can you please help me?
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    Does the question ask for a percentage increase in depth (linear) or volume (cubic)?
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    i believe volume
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    If you think the question is asking for volumetric expansion, why divide by 3?
    That's off by 3 orders of magnitude. Try the last step again.
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