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Thermodynamic Properties of high pressure gases

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    Anyone know where I can find thermodynamic properties of gases at high pressure? More specifically I need to find the kinematic viscosity or the absolute viscosity of air at around 300 degrees Kelvin and 330 bar.

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    It depends on what gas and who you talk to. All the major aerospace companies for example have their own version of air tables (for high temp/high pressure). They can vary quite significantly.
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    http://webbook.nist.gov/chemistry/fluid/" [Broken] should have the data you're after. Otherwise, a thermodynamic properties of air table at the local school library would have it too. You might even be able to find a table online if you search in google for "themodynamic properties of air."
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    Air @ 300 K and 330 bar:

    Kin. Viscosity = 0.00000090477 (ft²/s)

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    Thank-you for this, could you tell me how you calculated/where you found this data? Just so I can do it for myself in future as I reckon I will have a range of other pressures and temps to calculate kinematic viscosity for in future.

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    NIST has a program called REFPROP 8.0 that gives this information. Check the link above from Mech_Engineer and they will probably have a link for it. It cost $200 for copy last time I checked.

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    I used ASPEN to find the answer
    At 300K and 330 bar
    Dynamic Viscosity=0.0299 cp =2.99e-5 Pa.sec
    Kinematic Viscosity=8.566e-8 m^2/sec
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