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Thermodynamics mass and energy analysis Problem

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    Im doing a balloon problem. The problem states that the volume increases linearly with pressure in the solution manual they that P2/P1=V2/V1 i think that is related linearly but i cant figure how. Can some explain?
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    When you write an equation like
    [tex] \frac{V2}{V1} = \frac{P2}{P1} [/tex]
    It's usually because there's a linear relationship like
    [tex] P = k V [/tex]
    that underlies it, where k is some constant of proportionality. When you "stack" the equation, the proportionality constant drops out:
    [tex] \frac{\rlap{\backslash} k V2}{\rlap{\backslash} k V1} = \frac{P2}{P1} [/tex]
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    thank you very much :)
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