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News Think a 9/11 would be prevented

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    ... or any other form of plane hijacking if everyone on the plane were allow to carry some kind of firearm on the plane along with the air patrol officer? The idea sounds crazy knowing that every person around you would have a gun on their lap. But I cannot bare to imagine a group of religious radicals hijacking the plane , firearms in their arms, and I am not able to defend my self against these irrationalists. Even with an Air-marshal on the plane, I'm not sure I would feel safe ; What if the hijackers outnumber the air marshal(s) and therefore the hijackers could easily defeat the airmarshals. I would feel ackward if everyone carried a firearm on an airplane. However, I think that would be the option for a person to do if passengers were to encounter hijackers on the plane. The Passengers would most likely outnumber the hijackers , and therefore the passengers could easily overpower the hijackers.

    Of course the passengers would have to demonstrate they know how to use a gun properly before being allowed to carry a weapon on the plane.
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    Are you being serious? I don't want one nut with a gun on a plane I'm on, let alone several hundred!
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    If no one has a gun, the terrorist will get one to have a power asymmetry. If everyone has a gun, the terrorist will get something other to maintain the power asymmetry, like a bomb with a dead man switch as a fail-deadly. Naturally, people will become irrational and start to shoot and the plane will blow up.

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    Are you sure you have thought this one through? There are so many flaws to that idea. Firstly it makes it so much easier for a criminal to hijack the plane, as he can bring a gun on without any trouble. Secondly, what happens when this guy aims the thing. Do all hundred so passengers start shooting at him? CRAZY!

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    No need for violence or something. very little chance that it ever happens again. Don't forget that you're not on terra firma but in a flying contraption that can do very odd things if the pilot want it to. Of course before 9/11 no pilot would think about that, but after that things have changed considerable.

    pilots will no longer abandon their seats for whatever reason. if something like a 9/11 scenario ever devellops again, there is a very simple remedy: fasten seatbelts, disengage autopilot, push yoke over, kick in some rudder and nobody in the cabin will have any more interest in trying to get control of the aircraft. Of course afterwards, there will be some medical care required for the victims who were not in their chairs, but who cares.

    And even if that doesn't work, air traffic control is different today, they know what to watch out for and they are trained to do so. If they suspect that something is wrong, within minutes fighters are in the air, heading to intercept the flight and check it out. This happens now about once twice a month here where I'm living, but it's all false alarms so far.
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    All the people who think it's a bad idea won't fly.
    All the people who think it's a great idea will bring guns and die in the exploding airplane.

    Eventually, all that will be left is people who knew it was a bad idea.

    Think of it as evolution in action. :biggrin:
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    Is that a serious proposition? Are you forgetting that you'd also be arming the terrorists when they boarded? On top of the fact that even if the passengers outnumbered the terrorists, having a gunfight aboard a flying hunk of metal would most likely be detrimental to those on board, if not catastrophic..
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    Humans are rationals beings. I trust the judgment of humans to take down a maniac threaten me than the enemy to have an advantage over me since he is able to threaten to take my life with a weapon.

    Did you read all of my post? I said not anybody could carry a gun. They have to show the airlines that they know how to use a gun properly. If those kinds of laws were carried out properly, there would be a less likely chance that there would be passengers who would not know how to use there gun.
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    :rofl: And terrorists will find this extremely difficult to prove :rolleyes:
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    I am dead serious. Would you rather something slip and have the maniac who wants to hijack the plane and crash it into a building be the only one armed with a weapon in a population of defenseless passengers?

    Besides, passengers carrying weapons aboard the plane would be a deterrent for them to initiate there plan to hijack the planes.

    I don't think our society encourages us enough to carry weapons . The Virginia tech massacre would have been another tragedy that could have been prevented if college students were allowed to carry guns on campus.
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    So nice to be ignored.

    I told that it would be very unlikely to happen again and why
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    Which are you talking about? That another plane hijacking would not occur or another terrorist attack would not occur? I'll say why I think both of your possible statements are wrong. After 9/11, there have been passengers who have brought weapons aboard an air plane to prove that airplane security checks were poor.

    As for another terrorist attack, I think its possible. With out poor immigration policies, with many people as 5000 illegals per day crossing the border, I think it is downright certain that another terrorist attack can occur on US soil. Ever heard of sleeper cells?

    Please explain why you think another 9/11 could not occur?
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    My thoughts precisely. :biggrin:
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    This must compete for the title of the most ridiculous thread ever in PWA :rofl:
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    Let's review what this thread is about: the OP is a pretty ridiculous suggestion that all passengers should be allowed to carry guns. There were then comments about "I don't think our society encourages us enough to carry weapons," which have been discussed several times on these forums. Finally, we're now talking about how "terrorism is possible."

    I'm sorry, but the premise of this thread is ridiculous, and thus I am locking it.
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