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Thinking about buying a Tektronix 2465B...Need advice

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    I have been considering buying a good quality analog scope. Budget under $1000.

    I was considering a Tektronix 2465B 400MHz 4 channel. Looks like I could get one in the $400 to $500 range.

    Use would be general audio repair and some new design work testing on guitar amps. Basic analog stuff.

    Better Ideas??


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    ideal ... with a 400MHz timebase, it's an overkill for audio stuff :wink:
    one of those units should give you lots of new fun to learn

    I'm using its older sibling, the Tek 465B ... dates back to the 70's ... is a 100 MHz scope with 2 channel

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    What is the price difference between the basic analog and digital 'scopes? I tried using a simple analog 'scope in one of our labs a couple days ago for a fairly simple task to help out a Manufacturing Engineer, and was very frustrated right away at the lack of memory and storage.
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    Hi guys,

    Dave, for sure overkill at 400MHz for audio. There does not seem to be much difference in price from 100MHz to 400MHz. I wanted a 4 channel scope and the newer ones tend to be > 200MHz. The 2465B sold for big bucks new.

    Berkman, there are several pretty good new digital 100 MHz 4 channel scopes starting around $400. Rigol seems to be the brand many like in cheap digital scopes.

    I have a 2 channel Owon 7102 100MHz digital. It is OK for the most part.

    Keeping the Tektronix running will be an issue. I am looking for one with a S/N of <50000 which is a little less complex to repair.

    Everyone should have a analog scope just to impress the kids...lol All the digital scope just look like really slow computers...lol

    This whole electronics hobby is a damn addiction.....even worse if you play guitar...lol


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    Well Dave...take a look at this.

    There must be a sort of Hell that you get sent to for becoming addicted to electronics to pay for your sins!! I sort of assumed that it would be located in the back of a beauty parlor with no air condition...lol

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