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Thinking about what to study in graduate school as an undergraduate

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    As an undergraduate, did any of you know what you wanted to studied in graduate school. I have absolutely no idea what I want to studied once I begin graduate school. Was there something that caused you to go into a certain direction in a physics field. I guess most people get there inspirations for studying a certain field by acquiring knowledge about the field and the field would have to interest them. What are some other suggestions that I should excecute that will guide you into the field that you find interests you without being intimidate by reading those physics journals that nobody can read but people who understand gibberish
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    most people have some idea, they at least know if they want to do experimental or theoretical work. the best thing to do is look around at the research sites for different physics programs, maybe read some papers, find out what research interests you. you dont need to have your phd dissertation picked out, but grad schools want to see that you have some direction before making an investment in you.
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    I'm starting graduate school this fall, I just picked the subject (complex analysis) on a whim. I like it, and this way I save time on an existential crisis. I figure I'll be happy no matter what I choose, so why torture myself over it?
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    Good job, Gunnihinn. 'Tis better to do a good thing now than the perfect thing tomorrow.
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