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Thomas Wangler's RF Linear Accelerators

  1. Jun 16, 2014 #1
    Hi fellows. Once I asked a question in here and some advised me to check the Wangler's RF Linear Accelerators book and solve the questions.

    Now, I am trying to do this and want to check my answers. Does anybody know anything about the existance of a solution book or answers sheet or something like that?

    Thanks !
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    Your thread has been moved. Please note that Particle Accelerators topic does not belong in High Energy Physics forum. If you have worked through Wangler's text, you'll notice that it is ALL classical E&M!

    Secondly, there are no publicly-available solution manuals for Wangler's text.

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    Thank you ZapperZ for your interest and kind reply...

    Your sentence starting with "Secondly" is enough for me.

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