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News Thousands protest against Bush visit to Germany

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    http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/afp/20050223/wl_afp/usbushgermanysecurity [Broken]

    "The protesters brandished placards reading "Terrorist Nr 1" and "Bush Swim Home" while police helicopters circled overhead"

    Is this how the US president is considered/labeled by some Germans and europeans ?
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    Yep also happened not to long ago when Bush was in Canada, I think it also happened when he was in South America (can't remember which country it was). The same would probably happen in the US, if the crowds were not filled with loyal Republicans. Remember the Republican Convention in NY not to long ago: There was what 100,000+ protestors?
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    Earlier on MSNBC Today: About 5,000 people braved the wet snow to protest Bush's visit to Germany. The protesters carried placards reading “We don’t Want your Kind of Peace” and “Where Bush Is, There’s War” and “Wanted Dead or Alive — George ’Dubya’ Bush and His Band of Congressmen.”

    Perhaps it would be easier to make a list of the countries that favor the Bush administration and its foreign policy. Let's see...no, Poland left. BTW - Good slogans!

    God forbid if people in the U.S. were able to express dissent. Good thing the loyal Republicans are around in large number, repressing any opposing comment, action, or thought with intimidation.

    Probably some of the same people making up the 48% who didn't vote for Bush. Bush supporters don't seem to remember this either. If anyone knows of any upcoming marches on the White House, please let me know.

    In the meantime, it's a good thing our allies (true friends), who still practice democracy, express dissent on behalf of people like me. Thank you to all of you in Belgium, Germany, well heck, all the other countries of the world. :!!)
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    This is probably one of those things where the heterogeneous Europe can find harmony, and one of the fews things along with strikes and union organized protests where people bother as much.
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    Yes, the YPSL is sponsoring a march on May 1st. The organization’s web site has been off line for unknown reasons, hopefully it will be running soon. In the mean time a word-of-mouth campaign is circulating as a means to attract marchers. The YPSL can usually amass about 3000 marchers from its membership.

    All that is necessary to do is to arrive at Dulles airport prior to 11:00 am on May 1st or in the PM of the preceding day. Proceed to the Avis car rental booth in the baggage area. A YPSL booth will be directly across the aisle. There, parade information will be made available. If you choose you can register with the organization and receive parade paraphernalia as well as help in transportation. The paraphernalia consists of sign making materials, anti-Bush buttons, and for early arrivals, flammable Bush dolls. If flying, do not bring this type of item with you. About every hour, there will be a sit-down-protest hand link lesson for those engaging in their first protest march.

    I recommend Blacky’s Steak House for after-parade enjoyment
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    Nice Gokul. Sounds like fun, I wish I could come.
    (gotta get me one of those dolls)
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