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Calculators TI-83/84 Plus - Storing polynomial functions

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    Unless I'm missing something here, I've noticed that if you want to store a polynomial function on the TI-83 or the TI-84 Plus, you have to create a program that asks you what the value of x is, then displays the value of f(x). I kind of wish I could define a function without making a program.
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    To define a function, you can enter the Y= menu. In that case, Y= translates to f(x)=. You can also change from the Mode menu to parametric, polar, and sequential graphing modes. Alternatively, if you want 3D graphing or graphing of differential equations, Graph3D is a wonderful app that operates even faster than the TI-89.

    However, many functions of other variables are easiest done using a program. I wrote a program back in highschool to handle more arbitrary function types, but that was years ago.
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