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Calculators TI-84 Plus for $79.99 after rebate, Sun/Mon Only

  1. Aug 21, 2009 #1
    I just got my Staples ad for the coming week via email, and saw they have advertised for two days only (Aug 23 and 24) TI-84 graphing calculators for $79.99 after rebate.

    No, I do not own, work for, or have stock in Staples....but this is the lowest price I have ever seen for this graphing calculator, and I know many schools now require a TI-84 or -83 for certain math/physics courses.

    Please check your local store - I think the sale price might vary by location. Also, I think $30 of the savings might be in the form of a gift card that gets mailed to you later.
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    (supresses spam alert)

    Thanks JF.
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    Before you get one, check out something like Geogebra or even Wolfram Alpha. They're both free, and they'll both do everything you'll use a TI-84 for.
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    "free"...assuming that you already have a computer, which is portable or has internet access.
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    For that matter, just about anything you'd need a TI for you can do with the calculator app in Windows. But.... too many classes now 'require' a TI-grapher.
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    Well, yeah.

    Yeah, but I wonder how much that matters. Are engineering students really out of luck on their tests if they don't have graphing calculators, or is it just customary for syllabi, even in middle schools now, to require them? I really have no idea.
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    This is my concern. Previously, they were required (or at least 'strongly recommended') for all of the courses I teach. I changed the syllabi for all my classes to exclude their requirement.

    Still, my youngest son enters his middle-school Algebra I class in two days, and I will be buying him one (*sigh*).
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