What is Ti-83: Definition and 69 Discussions

The TI-83 series is a series of graphing calculators manufactured by Texas Instruments.
The original TI-83 is itself an upgraded version of the TI-82. Released in 1996, it was one of the most popular graphing calculators for students. In addition to the functions present on normal scientific calculators, the TI-83 includes many features, including function graphing, polar/parametric/sequence graphing modes, statistics, trigonometric, and algebraic functions, along with many useful applications. Although it does not include as many calculus functions, applications and programs can be written on the calculator or loaded from external sources.
The TI-83 was redesigned twice, first in 1999 and again in 2001. TI replaced the TI-83 with the TI-83 Plus in 1999. The redesign introduced a design very similar to the TI-73 and TI-83 Plus, eliminating the sloped screen that had been common on TI graphing calculators since the TI-81, and included Flash memory, enabling the device's operating system to be updated if needed, or for large new Flash Applications to be stored, accessible through a new Apps key. The Flash memory can also be used to store user programs and data. In 2001, the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition was released, which featured approximately nine times the available flash memory, and over twice the processing speed (15 MHz) of a standard TI-83 Plus, all in a translucent grey case inlaid with small "sparkles". The 2001 redesign (nicknamed the TI-83 "Parcus") introduced a slightly different shape to the calculator itself, eliminated the glossy grey screen border, and reduced cost by streamlining the printed circuit board to four units.

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  1. A

    TI-83+ Graphing Calculator giving wrong answer? (Complex numbers)

    I think the solution should be: METHOD #1: \begin{align} (\sqrt[4] {-1})^4 & = (-1)^{\frac 4 4} \nonumber \\ & = (-1)^1 \text{, can reduce 4/4 since base is a constant and not a variable in ℝ} \nonumber \\ & = -1 \nonumber \end{align} Alternatively, METHOD #2 for same answer is...
  2. M

    Calculators Is a Graphing Calculator Necessary for Engineering Studies?

    Graphing Calculator---worth it? I plan on majoring in either computer engineering or electrical engineering (have yet to take any related classes, so we'll see how long that lasts) and my calculus 1 teacher recommends that we have a ti-83 or 84 (made it through precalc with a B without it), but...
  3. J

    Calculators Is a CAS Calculator Worth the Extra Cost for a Mech Engineering Student?

    Hi all, I know this is very subjective and probably ask a few hundred thousand times. I'm an mech engineering student looking to upgrade from my ti 83. I know atleast so far my math classes won't allow a CAS capable calculator, and that you can get the interchangable keyboards to remove that...
  4. MathWarrior

    TI TI Nspire CX CAS How do I input full fractions and 84-Plus mode?

    I have been trying to figure out how to plot a differential equation using my TI Nspire with very little luck. I managed to find that I can set the graph of the calculator to a directional field but I am not 100% sure I am getting the right results. So I figured I would ask to see if anyone here...
  5. M

    Calculators TI-83/84 sets of numbers/set theory

    Here's what I want to do on the calculator. 1) Input sets of numbers, for example 3,6,9... in any notation, for example {3,6,9,infinity} or {x|x/3 >= 1 >= infinity} 2) use set theory (not now, but when I get into pre-cal/college.)
  6. 1

    Calculators Vector capable calculator recommendations?

    I'm taking a vector analysis course this semester and would like a vector capable calculator. For calculus I have been using a TI-83. Any recommendations? Price not an issue, but as always its better to get the job done for less. Thanks!
  7. M

    Calculators TI-83/84 Plus - Storing polynomial functions

    Unless I'm missing something here, I've noticed that if you want to store a polynomial function on the TI-83 or the TI-84 Plus, you have to create a program that asks you what the value of x is, then displays the value of f(x). I kind of wish I could define a function without making a program.
  8. M

    Calculators Troubleshooting: (-i)^4 Calculation Error on TI-36X Pro Calculator

    I'm curious if anyone knows why my calculator would return "Domain Error" when calculating (-i)^4 on my TI-36X Pro? ((-i)^2)^2 works just fine on the machine, and (-i)^4 works just fine on my TI-83 Plus. Any ideas?
  9. 1

    Calculators Calculator giving weird answers?

    For sin(4pi), my calculator gives -2^-13. Obviously, that is really close to the correct value of 0, but it just says 0 for ANY other multiple of pi I've tried. Weird right? TI-83 plus.. common calculator. Anyone have issues like this?
  10. G

    Calculators Is there a better slope field program for the TI 83 calculator?

    Hi I was searching for a slope field program for my calculator and found this one http://www.math.lsa.umich.edu/courses/116/Calculator/TI83/TI83-SF.html for some reason I can't get it to work. When I run it I only get one line row of lines at the bottom of my window when it graphs it. I...
  11. MacLaddy

    Calculators What is the Best Non-Graphing Calculator for Calculus?

    (Not sure where to post this, so please feel free to relocate if needed) I am hoping someone can give me some advice on a good calculator for my Calculus class. I am currently using my trusty TI-83+ as my go to device, but my instructor will not let us use any graphing utilities on the test...
  12. F

    Calculators Can I fix my water-damaged TI-83 with an oven?

    A ton of water got into it. Now the display is messed up but only so that I can't see the bottom line.
  13. T

    Calculators TI-89 PAY program, infinite loop problem?

    TI-89 "PAY" program, infinite loop problem? I have tried to write a program required for class (Math Analysis, junior in high school, everyone else has an 83 or 82 but my grandmother bought me this one...so nobody else has been able to help yet) but after solving one error message (I had to...
  14. L

    Calculators Choosing a Calculator for Physics and Engineering

    Hi there I'm doing a double degree in physics and mech engineering. Up until now, I've been using my good old Ti-83 and has served me well but me thinks it may be time to maybe invest in a good calculator for the future. I would prefer to stay with the TI brand since I'm very...
  15. R

    Calculators Which graphing calculator to buy? approved for the SAT, ACT, AP

    I'm currently taking a high-school pre-calculus class and next year I'm going to be taking AP Calculus and Physics I. I plan to major in Physics in college and I'm looking for a calculator that will get me through all of that. I need one that's approved for the SAT, ACT, AP, and is powerful...
  16. J

    Best Beginner Programming Language?

    I am looking to start learning programming more or less on my own. I can make some advanced programs on the TI-83+ calculator and have been for the past year. I learned just from reading the manual and messing with the different logic operators and commands. What are some good beginner...
  17. J

    Calculators TI-84 Plus for $79.99 after rebate, Sun/Mon Only

    I just got my Staples ad for the coming week via email, and saw they have advertised for two days only (Aug 23 and 24) TI-84 graphing calculators for $79.99 after rebate. No, I do not own, work for, or have stock in Staples...but this is the lowest price I have ever seen for this graphing...
  18. M

    The fraction function on calculators

    My TI 83 plus has a function called "Frac" which makes decimal numbers into fractions. If I have 0.33333... on the screen and press Frac the calculator returns 1/3. My question is how does this function work.
  19. S

    Calculators Sequences, Cumulative Sums, Partial Sums Plot - Ti-89 Titanium

    Sequences, Cumulative Sums, Partial Sums Plot --- Ti-89 Titanium My proffessor just gave us all these packets for all these programs he wants us to put into our calculators. They are for a Partial Sums Plot, and a List of Cumulative Sums, nth terms and differences. They're all for the Ti-83...
  20. P

    Calculators Where to get large display (Like TI-83) calulator that is non-programmable?

    My Fluid Mechanics teacher doesn't allow programmable calculators and he checks before the exam. I asked him and he said we can have any large display calculator as long as it isn't programmable. Has anyone seen such a thing? I really am dependent on the giant LCD that shows the equation after I...
  21. D

    MATLAB Plotting y=x Function in Matlab: Tips for Beginners

    I am new to Matlab and i need to plot a function. However, using y=x as an example it always comes up saying that x is not defined. How do i plot the function without specifying a specific value for x? Graphing y=x is not my real problem. I am used to using TI-83/4 graphics calculators and...
  22. S

    PauseClrHomeStopITTY-BITTY SNAKE

    This game is where you try to hit a target on the ground, very simple but addicting. Called Arcshot, I did not make this, I found it on the web and though it was fun so i put it here for others. Key: -> is Sto < or > is less than or more than * is times ^ is a carrot If you can't find...
  23. P

    Calculators How do I add games to my TI-83 Plus Silver?

    How do I add games to my TI-83 Plus Silver? Are there any instructions on how to add them? How do I play them once they are on my calculator? I lost my calculator software drivers CD, and I don't recall what else was on that CD. Could I get another copy of the CD online for freeware? If so...
  24. P

    Are there any Texas Instruments forums?

    Hi everyone, Are there any such forums for Texas Instruments such as (TI-83 Plus Silver) calculator forums? Do they have direct main forums?
  25. H

    Troubleshooting TI-83 Plus Driver Errors

    I have a TI 83 Plus, and i wanted to put some programs on my calculator. But the problem is, every time i install my TI connect software and Graph Link, and connect my calculator, it says that the driver not found. no matter what i do, it always says that driver not found. I go in the TI connect...
  26. E

    Why is the TI-89 more expensive than the TI-89 Titanium on Amazon?

    How come the 89 is more expensive than the 89 Titanium on Amazon? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0001EMLZ2/?tag=pfamazon01-20 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00000JF55/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Isnt the Titanium a lot better?? Are there a lot of differences between the 89 models and the Ti 83? Are...
  27. E

    Is the TI 89 still useful or not?

    I am a first year Petroleum Engineering student and I currently use a TI 83+. However, the TI 89 comes recommended from my math professor and TA. I have two questions: 1. Should I get one? It is that much more useful? How so? Pros and cons? 2. Should I get a TI 89 or a TI 89 Titanium? I've...
  28. R

    Calculators Comparing TI-NSpire and TI-89 Calculators

    Has anyone had a chance to use this new model? Also, if I bought the Ti-Nspire, would the CAS version be more useful? I need to purchase a new calculator for the fall, which would you recommend? I currently have a TI-83 Plus. Thanks!
  29. S

    Calculators Why Is My TI-83 Plus Not Showing Transferred Programs?

    Need Help with my TI-83 Plus PLEASE! i got my TI 83 plus, and yesterday went out to by the cable so that i can get programs for physics n stuff onto it, but after i downloaded the program, i dragged n dropped it into the TI connect icon to transfer it. it transfered, but the program wasnt on my...
  30. T

    Calculators Discover the Benefits of a TI-89 Calculator: Storage, Note-Taking & More!

    I got mine recently, I haven't used it as much, because I still have a TI-83, someone told me that with a 89 you can store equations, notes and it shows all of your work? Is that true, because I heard this from two different individual, and a third person told me that it doesn't show all of your...
  31. S

    Calculators Comparing TI-89 & HP 50G: Memory, Programs & More

    The main difference between the two (other than the RPN which I don't care much about as I am already used to using a TI-83 which doesn't have RPN) is that the HP is powerful, and the TI has more 3rd Party support. Of that though, the things I care about most is that you can expand the memory of...
  32. T

    Calculators Engineering statics calculator

    My professor today told the class(engineering statics) that we should invest in the ti-89 or an equivelant. He claimed that the ti-83 was good for middle school but not for University work. However, I was forced to buy a ti-83 because the math department at my school doesn't allow anything...
  33. W

    Calculators I have a TI-83 graphing calculator and am thinking about upgrading

    I have a TI-83 graphing calculator and am thinking about upgrading to the 89 because extra useful features. Is it worth it?
  34. D

    Calculators Are There Computer Programs That Can Replace a Graphing Calculator?

    Hello everyone, sometimes it's easier for me to run calculations on my computer rather than to go find my graphing calculator. Are there programs out there that have all the functions (or more) of my graphing calculator (TI-83+). Also if anyone knows of any good like bluetooth keypads to...
  35. D

    Calculators Which Calculator is Best for College Math Courses: TI-83, TI-84, or TI-89?

    Hey all. I'm a freshman in college. I'm in the Computer Science BS course, and am just about to start our 2nd semester. According to my suggested scheduling for my course I will be taking Tech Math II, Calc 1, Calc 2, and Differential Equations. I do not own a graphic calculator, and...
  36. M

    Calculators Editing Equations on a Ti-83+ Calculator

    Just a quick question about the Ti-83+ calculator. After you have hit the equals button to provide the solution for an equation, how do you get back into the equation to make any changes? The error key is not what I'm looking for, is it possible to make any changes you want in the equation? I...
  37. D

    Calculators TI-83 from 1997 worth an upgrade?

    I have a TI-83 that I got way back in high school. My best guess is that it is from 1997. Given the huge advance in computing technology, is there any good reason to upgrade itr? Do the new ones have significantly better performance? significantly better features?
  38. H

    Calculators TI-89 Differentiation: How to Get Algebraic Derivative and Why Negative Result?

    1. After I launch the "Home" program and enter d(x^2,x) The calculator spits out -52.4916, a numerical solution. What I want is the algebraic derivative 2x - how do I get to the algebraic derivative? 2. When I enter sin(60), it gives me -0.304811 as an output. Why does the Ti-89 give a...
  39. T

    Calculators Why wont my Graphing Calculator link with my computer?

    Why won't my Graphing Calculator link with my computer?? ok here is the breakdown... I am running windows XP on my computer i installed the program last nite (with some help from you guys) and was really excited to start working with it but for some reason the graphing calculator(TI-83+) won't...
  40. K

    Calculators Program for TI-86 to Read Text on Calculator

    Just wondering if anyone out there knows of a program that I can add about a page of text to my ti-86 calculator. Basically I don't have time in the morning to read the news & I'd like to copy articles then read them on my calculator at work :tongue:. There is the program notefolio but it's...
  41. M

    Calculators Ti-89 Titanium at bestbuy for 119.99

    Ti-89 Titanium at bestbuy for 119.99(ALL TI 20% off) http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=6621426&type=product&id=1082119968052 GRRRRR, I payed 20 dollars more a few days ago :cry: So if you want to buy a new calculator, they have 20% off all Ti calculators this week. They have...
  42. A

    Calculators Online app to replace Online TI-83?

    Hello everyone. My graphing calculator recently died on me, and I need it over Easter weekend to finish up some work. Is there any applet online or free program that I can use to temporarily replace the TI-83? I need it to be able to perform quadratic regression from plotted points. Thanks...
  43. M

    Calculators Question for those who own TI-83 Plus(or higher)Calculators

    i was wondering if anyone was kind enough to help me out a bit, with finding the manufacturer's warranty information. i was told that the TI-83 Plus, as well as the other calculators made by the Texas Instruments company have a one year warranty, but i just don't have a clue as to where i can...
  44. P

    Calculators Any useful TI-83 calculator programs out there?

    Hey, I've been writing programs on my calculator for math and physics ever since I found out that it was possible. I have about 10 now in the last 3 days, putting in the quadratic formula and other formulas, like finding torque or angular momentum. I was wondering if anybody had some pretty...
  45. T

    Which Computer Language to Learn

    I was wondering if someone could compile a list of the newest and best computer languages to learn and what they would be for. I was considering learning something this summer after studying physics for awhile but I don't know where to start. I already know some languages Ti 83 basic and some...
  46. S

    We are using TI-83 to figure out how to make an equation with a word problem. QuadReg

    Homework Statement A manufacturing company finds that it makes a profit of $20.00 on each article if 600 or fewer are made each week. The profit decreased by 2 cents per article over 600. How many additional articles should be produced per week in order to realized the maximum point...
  47. M

    How to find polynomial roots on a TI-83 or TI-84 Plus without PolySmlt?

    I'd like to know how to find the root of a polynomial on my TI-84 Plus without this "Polynomial Root Finder and Simultaneous Equation Solver" app. The reason is that the app's not in my calculator and I can't transfer the app to my calculator. I keep getting an "Access Denied" error message...
  48. K

    Can i do modulus on a TI-83? How can i compute a negative modulus?

    I am studying Integer Modulo in my Cryptography and Data Security class. We are dealing with mainly modulo 26 [the alphabet] right now. I understand if it is addition or multiplication you just take the remainder of the result divided by, let's say 26 in this circumstance. ie: (5+25)mod26 = 4...
  49. 1

    Can TI-83 Calculate Exponentials in Cartesian Form?

    hi guys, I have a little bit strange question Somebody maybe know how to add to exponential on calculator to get directly answer, i mean like that: 8.7exp(-i145)+5.4exp(-i285) = 5.81exp(i176) but i don't know how get this without polar form
  50. H

    How would I graph this in my TI-83?

    Homework Statement |y| = 7-x The closest I can do is y=abs(7-x), but this just gives me a straight line along the y axis. Thank you for your time. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution