Ti 89 calculator not working?

i went to this site: http://antaki.ca/TI89Tutorial/#poly
and typed in different commands and none of them seem to be working.
when i integrate sin(x) it just says ".989992"

when i did expand((x+4)^4,x) it just says "2401."
when i do factor(x^2-9,x) it says "0"
so i tried factor(x^2-9=0,x) and it says "true"

the only thing that worked so far is:
solve(x^2-9=0,x) and came out as "x=-3 or x=3"
even though that website didnt tell me to put that in

does anybody know how to fix this?
i have ti-89 titanium OS 3.1 hardware version 4.00
Sounds like you have 3 stored in for x. Type x at the prompt, it should probably give you the value 3. To fix this just press F1... then scroll over to F6. From there, select the option that says "1. Clear a-z"
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o cool, its fixed, thanks!

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