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Time machine.

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    Time machine.......

    Dear Reader,

    The Time machine has always been a fantacy. i fell though it is a Fantacy it can be achieved one day, though not to the past maybe to the future. I hope someone will be interested in discussing about it.

    All For God.
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    Re: Time machine.......

    This would probably fit a little better in the Time Travel sub-forum, benzun.
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    Good point, Mentat. I'll put it there.
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    The two more interesting proposals are Tipler's rotating cylinder, and Gott's time machine based in cosmic strings. They both are based in the concept of closed timelike curve. You would end a bit dizzy in both cases,though!
    Recently, it has been proposed the Ori-Soen time machine, but I don't know how it works

    Btw, in general relativity, a closed timelike curve is a worldline that a particle or person can follow which ends at the same spacetime point (the same position and time) as it started
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    I read in a book that using wormholes Time travel is posible. how?
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    i dont think we will ever be able to achieve time travel for 2 reasons...
    time isnt an element in itself, it doesnt keep a record of itself...

    and time travel would ruin the world, nothing would ever happen... hitler would be assasinated, then his assasin would be assasinated the day before... we would end up living in a world with no time travel, like the one we have now

    i think time travel is our modern day alchemy... a waste of time
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    The time mechine isn't in right but perhaps in some big valus mistake

    Right, it is nature, to travel in space only and time is go front naturely.
    as this reason, some big value time mistake and structure for time travel is right or permit direction .
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