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Time Required Engineering Studies?

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    How much time on average is required for Engineering studies? I mean hoe much time per day should an average student normally dedicate for Electrical Engineering studies?
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    2 hrs study average
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    The real quick and smart ones might be able to do well on 2 hours per day, but many of us study much more then that.

    I usually take 4-5 classes per semester and I tend to study closer to 4 hours per day including writing lab reports.

    For most of my EE classes, the average is curved at the end of the semester. If I'm putting in more time then the average student, I can usually count on doing better then most when it comes to tests, homework, labs, and final grades.
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    The books should be so exciting that you read them all the way through a few days after you by them. Then you go to class and listen carefully.

    With this method the only time spend out of class is for doing assignments, and of course that varies with how many assignments are in your class.

    If you start slogging through two hours a day on random days, its quite possible the time could add up to nothing. I measure a class by how long it takes to learn the subject, e.g. 20 hours, and then concentrate on that for just a few days and relax the rest of the time.
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    It fluctuates. You'll spend more time on homeworks than you will on exams, usually. The problem sets are where you really learn the material. The exams are just a procedure to grade the students. I've never really learned new stuff from studying for an exam, I just reinforced the things I already knew.

    However, be prepared to spend 10-14+ hours on problem sets. Especially if you work alone on some of them.
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