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Time Space and Physics

  1. May 30, 2012 #1
    i have three questions for the physics community
    1. is time be a function of space or space be a function of time?
    2. can we say that without space and time, there is no physics?
    3. why has physics progressed from a fact based science to a "faith" based science?
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    1. Neither.
    2. Yes.
    3. It hasn't.

    Are you here to ask questions or to make absurd accusations? You might as well ask "Have you stopped beating your wife?"
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    in answer to 1 and 2, both space and time are combined into one entity spacetime meaning an object is defined by a point in x,y,z,t. The interrelationship is the spacetime metric ds^2 - td^2 to describe distances in spacetime. Its an analogue to the pythagorean formula for distance. x,y,z,t are all independent of one another but objects move within spacetime conform to the spacetime metric limitation from which we get length contraction and time dilation.

    Physics is not and has never been faith based. Everything that we understand is testable and when it fails a test we either patch it up or discard it looking for a new and better mathematically described theory. At one time Newtons theory of gravitation described the world but as detailed measurements from experiments differed from Newtons predications we had to replace it with Einsteins relativity to gain a new understanding of things. Someday, Einsteins theory will give way to an even better more inclusive theory.

    Scientists exploring Superstring theory or Loop Quantum Gravity are looking for more inclusive theories. They may be fueled by a belief (some might say faith) that they are on the right path but eventually the theory must describe everything that existing theories describe and then something new that we haven't seen that can eventually can be tested to see if its true.
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    And on that note, this pointless thread is closed!

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