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Time travel and energy

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    Suppose time travel is possible. Then will it violate the law of conservation of energy??
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    Time travel is possible - into the future anyway.

    And No, it doesn't.
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    jimmy p

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    why is time travel possible? dont you have to move faster than light to time travel?
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    I'm pretty sure I am not moving FTL right now....
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    Maintaining a constant velocity in terms of time seems to be relatively simple. But, I am having a problem with accelerating in a positive or negative direction.

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    I was under the impression that it is possible to build a time machine, but it would be useless since you would need a power source greater than a star's.
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    In answer to Chrono and Jimmy, time travel into the future is not just a possibility, but occurs whenever one body moves with a velocity wrt another. It was described by Einstein and is a consequence of the speed of light being constant for all observers. It is only really noticeable at high velocities (ie close to c)
    When you fly to New York from London you actually travel about a billionth of a second into the future! This has been measured with Atomic clocks and agrees with Einstein's predictions.

    So, travel quickly - see the future!
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    jimmy p

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    Yeah guys there is no need to get sarcastic !! Thank you Adrian!
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