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Time Travel Possible?

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    I've been thinking about time travel.....who hasn't. Since time is simply the movement of exsistence, it seems that one could go into the future faster than normal by slowing the speed of exsistence around them. I thnk this is pretty well supported. However going into the past does not seem possible. At first thought you think to speed up the movemt of exsistence in your confined area. Not only would you age too quickly, but there is only a point in which you would reach almost complete stillness. If you could go past that point, then things seem like they should start moving in revearse. I don't see this happening though.

    Question: How to seperate ones self from noraml exsistence so that you could speed up or slow down yur own movements. Spacial distortion comes to mind, but please be more specific than that.

    Question 2: Is traveling back in time possible in anyway through accepted scientific methos?

    http://i882ldpg3sE[/youtube [Broken]
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    First off, time is defined as an increase in entropy.

    Secondly, time travel is theoretically possible. See Einstein's relativity. You could go forward in time when intense g forces are at hand. But, I'm sure you already know that; I have a feeling you're trying to ask something more complex, so are you?

    lastly, time travel to the past is paradoxical.

    http://i882ldpg3sE[/youtube [Broken]
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    Yes, trying to lok at timetravel as a possibility. I know what you are talking about in realitivity, its very similar to what I discussed. As I said above time travel to the past seems impossible, but is it possible in some other theory, perhaps in QM?
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    Beautifully put, Majin.
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    In QM? I believe some parts of relativity do govern QM in some occasions....but that's just my guess.
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