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B Time travel/speed of light

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    hi,I will try to be as short as posible and without many ortografic mistakes...(english is not my native leanguge..)so...let say you are traveling with a ship at 99.9% of light speed...some theoryes says that when you reach light speed you will create a worm-hole that will send you back in time...but in order to do this,somewere beetween 99.9% .....to 100% you will reach a point just before the worm-hole is created,when time will STOP,now..if Time only stop inside a Blackhole(theoreticly)this means that you will create a Blackhole just before you create a Wormhole.So..in order to create a Wormhole you will need the energy that will need to escape a Blackhole??Thanks
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    This is impossible so the rest of your question has no meaning.
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    Of course is imposible...but Einsten...theoreticly said that is posible..
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    He did not.
    Something that you read somewhere is wrong (most likely, unless you were reading a real textbook) or you have misunderstood what you read, or both.

    As this thread is based on a false premise, it is closed.
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