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Timescale of the biological pump?

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    I'm tying to find any clue about the timescale of the biological pump. That the carbon is recycled to the surface ca. 1,000 years is clear but the timescale of the biological pump seems hard to find. There is an report I saw when I was surfing the internet saying that the timescale can range from 45 days to 5 years which I find is a little shocking. Does it truly vary that much, or there is something wrong about the data?
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    Are you referring to the carbon cycle?
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    It is a good practice to save the references to be handy at a question.

    Here is a good description of the carbon cycle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_cycle . As you can see, it has many components from geology and biology. The biological cycle is of course dominated by diurnal and seasonal cycles, as cyanobacteria and plants affect it so much. So the timescale is daily, yearly and so on up to geological scales of plate tectonics (supercontinent cycle).
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