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TOP 10 PHYSICISTS ALIVE (theoretical and experimental)

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    I would like to read the opinion of the people in this forum given that (I think) the most part of the people here is related to physics. I have been searching in the web for a list of the most influential physicists alive or more brilliant, but the lists that I have found seem to be not so convincing. So I would like to hear the opinion from the people of this great forum.

    I would like to give some rules, which are the following:

    1. Two lists that consist in the following: the top ten of theoretical physicists alive and the top ten of experimetal physicists alive.

    2. The name of the physicist (obviously), its main contributions to physics followed by a little comment telling why you believe that he/she must be in the list. Optionally, It would be nice to have a photograpy of the physicist and finally if you want, you can put a link, for example one of wikipedia, where we can find more information of the physicist.

    * It is no necessary to post both lists, if you want you can just include one of them.
    * Please do not mix the lists and put the theoretical physicists in the theoretical list and the same for the experimental.

    If there is something that I am missing please let me know so that the list can be better.
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    This has been done a lot of time already. Please do a forum search for relevant threads.
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