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Top quark and matter-antimatter

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    up quark and down quark

    An up quark has a smaller mass than a down quark.
    Is it possible that an up quark is made from 2 antidowns with energy being released?
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    Composite models, techicolor, topcolor etc. It is assumed that the top quark is a condensate of some other particle (not other quark). A lot of work done. No idea about how it relates to matter/antimatter symmetry (antimatter is always likely to anhiquilate against matter).
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    It is assumed that the top quark is a condensate of some other particle (not other quark).

    So two colour charges can't come together and form one colour charge
    by releasing some energy that carries a second colour charge?
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    well, quarks are not only defined by colour, also electric charge and weak isospin. So another kind of particle is required. This is called techicolor.
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    An up Quark has more fractional Charge than a Down Quark..
    UP 2/3 charge Down 1/3 Charge

    2/3..'two thirds' of a down composite Quark..does not equal..2/3s of an Up Quark.

    Matter prevails over Anti-Matter..there are I believe experiments underway at CERN:http://www.exploratorium.edu/origins/cern/ideas/antimatter.html
    which are hoping to uncover if the 1/3 fractional charge of ordinary Protons, represents 'Negative' matter, and it may be that the Anti-Matter Anhilations, will show this to be so?

    For instance the Matter >>Antimatter anhilation spectrum, might reveal the energy released to be 'less or more' than the reversed interaction of Anti-Matter .>> Matter interactions.

    The fact that fractional charge has the configuration it has 1/3 + 2/3..is a remnant of early Universe interaction..it does not balance out..for instance if Quarks had a Fractional Charge of 1/4 +1/4..this would be perfectly symmetrical..and matter could not prevail over Anti-Matter?
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