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Homework Help: Toroids on graphics cards and some other circuits

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    I've seen toroids on graphics cards and some other circuits; what is their function? I know that they help in keeping a uniform magnetic field...but what do they do for a graphics card or any other device they're on?
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    I really have no idea but I would imagine they have the same function as solenoids? Solenoids can cause changes in the amplitude and phase of an AC current/voltage, I can't imagine any reason why toroids would not have this effect.
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    Oh...sort of like an inductor...
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    Hi Gear300,

    I think an advantage that toroids have over solenoids is that with a circular core the magnetic field is better confined. A straight solenoid would have its magnetic field escape from the core at each end, but the toroid would have a closed path.

    (But I could be wrong; I've never used a toroid in a circuit.)
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    Yeah, I was actually wondering what would differentiate the use between the two; that actually does make sense; if the magnetic field is confined withing the toroid, it shouldn't disturb the rest of the circuit. Heh...thing is is that I sort of learned about a number of basic circuit elements without understanding how circuits take advantage of their effects.
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