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Torque exerted by a cylinder's weight

  1. Sep 6, 2015 #1
    Imagine a person holding a stick horizontally, the stick is in the shape of a cylinder, with radius(r), length(L), and density(rho), consider the contacting area between the hand and the stick to be a point at the centre of the circular surface pointing toward the person, what is the torque exerted by the cylinder around the point of contact (as the pivot)?
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    T = (pL(r24-r14) × ((change in r)(p)(m)) * 2pi)

    All of that divided by

    60pi*(change in time)
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    Can you explain what is the difference between r_1 and r_2 please? Also, I am looking for the torque of the moments of time in which the stick is horizontal, so can I assume that I can ignore the 60pi*(change in time) part?

    I assume that you meant ρ when you typed "p", is that what it is?
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