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Torque testing on weld scews

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    greetings to all,

    I'm a member of the quality department of a company in the automotive industry.
    We test all kinds of materials related to welding and we are required to perform serten tests
    according to standards...

    we have however a functional problem during testing of the torque on welding screws.
    As you can see in added pics, we got a tool for testing it, but its not doing much good since
    we produce scrap parts because of this method.

    In many cases, the bolt breaks of before we reach the torque. Witch is obvious, the bolt cant go trouth the test head.

    Maybe there are some other methods? Electric, digital torque?? Do you also move physicly still or does the head moves mechanical?

    Maybe we need to optimalise the tools??

    Please, all your suggestions/solutions are welcome!!!

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    It's a little unclear what you're asking..

    So you want to perform NDT instead?


    What is 'the torque'? The required load?
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    First of all, apologies for my terrible english *-*

    Yes, we want to perform non destructive testing and put the tested parts back in our processes.
    We test our weldnuts also with torque.

    Torque is the tool for testing the welding quality in Newton meters..

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