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Torsion Fields 2012

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    I was watching a show about 2012, and someone named Richard Hoagland was giving theories about torsion fields. He was talking about mass changing due to rotation, and he could measure this by measuring frequency of the tuning fork of an accutron watch. He performed an experiment similar to the one below (taken from an interview with him, BTW):

    One of the keys to hyperdimensional physics is rotation. Bruce DePalma, a physicist, experimented about 20 years ago with rotation of massive systems. He did an experiment with a 30- pound concrete disk spinning at 8,000 rpm, shielded by mu-metal to prevent EM interference. Suspended over the disk he had an Accutron watch. The Bulova specs say that the watch gains or loses about 1 second per year. When Bruce brought the watch near the disk, it lost 1 second in 20 minutes. He repeated the experiment with an FM receiver, tuned to a station. When the radio was brought over the spinning concrete disk, the radio de- tuned.

    His experiment was similar except it involved the rotation of the earth. Even though they are both getting results, they are still not believed. Why is that? Does anyone have knowledge about this topic? Do you believe this or do you see flaws in the theory?
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