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Stargazing Total Eclipse of Sol in Antarctica (24/11/03)

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    Thought some of you may be interested in these stunning pictures of the Total Solar Eclipse in Antarctica, which happened yesterday, 24 November 2003. The views are from Casey, Davis and Mawson Stations (these are Aussie “Research” stations in Antarctica – mostly CSIRO). Awesome stuff.

    http://www.aad.gov.au/asset/webcams/eclipse/default.asp [Broken]

    Does anybody have any ideas what caused the odd photographic artefacts, which appear as “two green crescent moons” on the two pictures on the bottom row/left?
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    Those look like pinhole shadows or reflections. If you stand under a tree or something similar during a partial solar eclipse you'll see a whole sea of little crescents. You can see similar but less pronounced effects on the third row from the bottom.
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