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Transfering files between a Unix account and my windows PC

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    I have an account on a Unix cluster where I log in through an SSH client (I'm using SecureCRT).

    I need to be able to transfer files from my windows to PC to my unix acount and vice versa, does anyone know how to go about doing that? There is a "Transfer" menu in the SecureCRT window but it doesn't seem to work - all it does is record keystrokes instead of transfering files.

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    You might try WinSCP, http://winscp.net/ . I've played a bit with it under Windows on my Mac. On that site, beware of the big "Download" buttons that are actually part of advertisements for other software. Make sure what you're about to download is actually WinSCP. :rolleyes:

    Or if you use Firefox, try the FireFTP add-on, http://fireftp.mozdev.org/ , which I've started to use myself. It has options for various secure protocols.
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    WinSCP is really good.
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    I approve! Thanks for the tip.
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    Alternatively, just use netcat. You can even throw it through an SSH tunnel if you don't like people to see the data.
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