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Translating m^2/C^2 to cm^2/μC^2 (couloumbs law)

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    I am hoping I have this right but want to make sure.
    I have 9x10^9 x N x m^2/C^2 and want to use units of cm and μC (micro)

    9x10^9 x N x 1m^2/1C^2 x 10000cm^2/1m^2 x 1C^2/1x10^12μC^2
    9x10^9 x N x 10000cm^2/1x10^12μC^2
    90 x N x 1cm^2/1μC^2

    Have I got that right? Havent fallen into any traps or made a mistake?

    Thanks for any help, hope ive written it well enough to see whats going on.
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    Looks good to me.
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