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Transportation and Traffic Operations Help

  1. Sep 24, 2013 #1
    1. This problem examines the motion of an automobile traveling on a crest vertical curve with the following profile: y=100+0.1x-0.0005x^2 where y and x represent the roadway elevation (in feet) and the horizontal distance (in feet). The automobile sets the brakes when x=0 while traveling 45 mph. the friction factor is .3 and air resistance is negligible. Find stopping distance ignoring the centrifugal acceleration.

    I am at a loss where to even begin.
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    Hello CxCakez. Welcome to Physics Forums.

    In future, when starting a thread in the Homework forums please use the formatting template provided.

    What are your ideas about how to approach the problem? Hint: usually an energy approach is easiest when there are gains and losses involved due to elevation changes or friction. Examine a small (differential) section of the curve and see if you can determine the kinetic energy change.
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