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TRAPATT diodes -- looking for sources of parts

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    Hello everybody,
    I wish to do some experiments with TRAPATT (TRApped Plasma Avalanche Triggered Transit) diodes, but after much googling I was unable to find the name of any manufacturer of such diodes.

    Anybody with useful pieces of info?...
    Thank you! :bow:
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    A TRAPATT diode is an avalanche diode, operating in a mode that produces short pulses of microwave energy.
    The mode is no longer used as they were high noise devices, a product of the 1970s.
    See; Theory and Operating Characteristics of TRAPATT Amplifiers. 1977. R.W.Laton, G.I.Haddad, M.I.Grace. 7.15 MByte download
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    Thank you very much to both of you... Ouch! It seems quite an adventure! Driving a general purpose diode into a region that, of course, is not covered nor described in its specifications... I forecast a lot of smoke and smell of burned plastics in the near future! :oldbiggrin: :angel:
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    Ahh yes! The sweet smell of an overworked component. Please keep us updated on how much of that "magic smoke" you release into the wild! (and how.)
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