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Trying to get raw signal from SRF02 ultrasonic sensor

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    Hello Physics Forum people!

    I am working on a project involving indoor mapping, and I have just received 10 SRF02 ultrasonic range finders to hook up in an array to measure distances using sound waves and use this data to map out buildings. However, we are looking to receive the "raw signal: from the sensor, which would give us information such as: frequency shift, modulation, and all physical characteristics of the received wave. The SRF02 does not directly give us this though, but instead does the processing for us, and can return distance or time based off of the received waveform. I wanted to ask if anyone knew any way or had any ideas of what to try or who to contact on how to get the "raw signal" data from these sensors, or am I going on a wild goose chase that will never see results. Thanks in advance for all the help! I'm attaching the data sheet for any reference:

    Datasheet: http://www.pishrobot.com/files/products/datasheets/srf02.pdf
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    Given your project requirements, it sounds like you need to use a different transducer and sensor, and build your own TX and RX circuits. Have you looked for just the TX and RX transducers by themselves, and looked at their Application Notes for how best to interface to them?

    Also, unless something is moving, you won't be getting frequency shifts, correct? And how are you planning on handling multi-path in your experiments? :smile:
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