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Trying to make sence of m-theory

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    howdy felles. I have been trying to make sence of m-theory for a while now, but I cannot seem to get past a problem that I see in it, and the thing is I don't know if im making a mistake in there somewhere or not.
    anyways here is where I see the problem!
    It is said that our universe is within a big mem-brain. and there is more than 1.

    And as a result of thier collision there is a massive explosion (Big Bang), they also say that there was no begining, which to me means that infinite time has ellapesd scince the last collision. If this thery is right how come there still was a collision some 15billion yrs ago?
    I mean there must have been a loss of knetic energy (not exactly loss, but conversion, from knetic to matter).
    can someone help me clear this up please.
    cheers "bayan"
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    The idea is that the branes have "always" existed, but the collisions occur in time, every now and then, and one of them caused the formation of our world.
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    exactly my point. if they have existed forever then that means these collisions have occured forever too. since the creation of our universe is a result of this collision this leads me to think that there has been less knetic energy in the branes (since some energy was converted to matter!) how is it that there was a bang to creat our universe? (there was less and less knetic energy in branes after each collision.) or is there something that I still dont get?
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    That model was discredited by giving wrong experimental result by Andrei Linde some time ago. The current model of cosmology continue based in the old hot Big bang model + inflation.

    Cosmological strings have failed. In words of specialists Krauss.

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    No wonder why it made no sence to me. Well thanx for clearing that up mate.

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