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Trying to see how these are equivalent

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    I am working on the derivation of the angular momentum squared operator (in quantum mech.) and there is one step that I dont see how it works. I'm not sure that this is the right place to post it, but since this is a strictly mathematical question, I figured I would post it here. The equivalence is as follows:

    (cotθ)(∂/∂θ) + (∂/∂θ)2 = (cscθ)(∂/∂θ)[(sinθ)(∂/∂θ)]

    I dont see how to go from one to the other
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    Start on the right side, and take the derivative of (sinθ * (∂/∂θ)), using the product rule. This simplifies to what you have on the left side without too much effort.
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    Thanks :-) I dont know why I didnt try that
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