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TV Brokedown

  1. Aug 13, 2004 #1
    Recently, my bedroom's old TV brokedown. Although it only cost $NZ20.00, about $US10.00. I thought it would be fun to find out what's wrong with it and trying to fix it.

    This TV has a very weird habit of occasionally switching to TV1 automatically, and now it does it everytime I switch my TV on, and it does at a frequency of about 1Hz, which means I can't see any image coming out! :yuck: While doing so, it constaly produces a click. I traced the sound source into case of the TV and I am pretty sure one of the circuit board is shorted.

    I wonder if anyone has every experience that, or know what's wrong with it...

    This TV is extremely old, but it does have color, if I were to guess the year this TV is made, it would be round about in the early 80s.
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    I'm uessing a click is a relay or a capacitor. But I'm not an expert. :)
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    Buy a new TV ;)
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    Plus, prepare some money ($30) to pay for those who collect your old TV, thats a rule here, i am not sure if its the same there though...---sal-
    By the way, is an extremely old TV a black-white one ?
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