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TV gets lines when I drink water.

  1. May 18, 2007 #1
    HI, first post. I figured I would come to this forum because I need smart people to tell me why this is happening, It is so odd. I have a refrigerator that has water and ice in the door. When I press the lever to dispense water, my television in the same room gets lines on it like a bad signal. I figured maybe it is small vibrations, so I stomped on the floor and nothing. I also turned faucet on and nothing, ONLY when I press the lever to dispense water, will this happen. Anyone know why this goes on. when you press the lever a light bulb goes on, but you can turn the bulb on separate and nothing happens to the tv. Also I plugged a hair dryer in to a socket that the tv is on. the hair dryer is very powerful and only tiny tiny pixels distort when it is on. Anybody know what is happening here. The lines go away after split second of pressing the water lever.
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    It sounds as if the dispensing motor or its control circuitry is generating RF interference. It shouldn't, so there might be a design or manufacturing error involved.
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    What does that mean? The lines only appear for the first split second of you holding down the cold water dispenser button? I agree with Danger that it sounds like a pump motor interference problem -- likely just on startup?

    Look at your local Radio Shack (or equivalent) store for a TV interference AC Mains filter, and plug your refrigerator into the wall through that filter. That should help to keep the conducted emissions problem of the cold water pump from reaching your TV.

    Like this $10USD item: http://www.radioshack.com/product/i...7&kwCatId=2032057&kw=filter&parentPage=search
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    I don't think a pump is invovled, just an electronic valve. It would seem that when the ice maker goes through a fill cycle, that a similar electronic valve would operate and should cause the same issue.
  6. May 21, 2007 #5
    All sorts of things are known to create RF interference that does pretty much what you describe. One source in particular that is a great annoyance to me is our next door neighbour's motorbike. As Danger pointed out, most devices aren't supposed to.
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    Be glad you weren't around when the original VW bugs were. The ignitions on those damned things would screw up a TV from over half a mile away.
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