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Twisted thought on gravity

  1. Apr 23, 2003 #1
    Useless crackpot obviously, but imo in a way funny twist.

    Universe expands. ok, why not fundamental particles then?
    Imagine that earth inflates. You inflate, your atoms inflate. Empty space inflates. Two bodies in proximity would collide due to inflation, if empty space between them does not inflate as fast as bodies. Density of bodies is always bigger than of empty space, so they inflate faster. In close proximity this means unavoidable approach of bodies. Over vast distances, sheer amount of empty space between would turn approach into departure. Departure velocity proportional to distance.

    Body itself would not perceive inflation, all local references infate too. What it will perceive is attraction only when close enough. Maybe even repulsion from empty space towards other body. Inflation rate related to obviously some fancy ratio of planck and lightspeed.

    Looks like could build quite some cosmology on that...

    plz don't kill
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    I change my mind there could be a million viable hypothesis on gravity not just a few hundred. So gravity could be something that we can't understand because we are within the reference point that creates it?
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