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Homework Help: Two ideal dc sources and a resistor with lengths involved

  1. Sep 20, 2012 #1
    Ive been given an assignment with the question being question 13of the following pdf:
    (note this isnt my actual assignment i just found this one on the internet that happened to be the same question that i was looking for)

    Im really lost, i have no idea how to even start to tackle this problem! It looks like some form of node analysis but the involvemt of lengths isnt somethingthat ive seen before. Just a few hints on how to do this would be greatly apreciated..
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    You just have to replace the wires in the circuit with their corresponding resistance. That is, 2x [itex]r x[/itex] on the left hand side and 2x [itex]r (L-x)[/itex] on the right.
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