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Two objects, one accelerating downwards onto another

  1. Jan 20, 2012 #1
    The object accelerating downward exerts less force on the part below than if it were being held in place, But this is a reflexive situation: the lower section exerts less retarding force on the descending object - Newton's 3rd law. If the retarding force were greater, the object would have less downward acceleration and, if the force were great enough for long enough time, there could be arrest.

    I wanted to know if I had this right? I think it is correct from what I have tried to research.

    Any input would be appreciated, thanks
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    BUMP please.....anyone?
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    There isn't enough information to answer your question. What the force would be depends upon how fast the dropped object takes to stop.
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    Your previous thread about this was locked. Do not re-post a locked thread.


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