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I Two questions on Newton Fluxions

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    Hi folks,

    I have two questions:

    1.- I am reading his Method of fluxions and when he writes x with a dot over the letter, Does he mean the differential of x, or what we say dx? In other words, Is that an infinitesimal quantity "smaller than any other fixed number"?

    I ask because I have read in some web pages that x dot meant dx/dt.

    2.- In the entire Principia it is posible to find a geometric representation of ininitesimal quantities, Is there any math book dedicated exclusively to explain how to represent graphically differentials on geometric figures?

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    Simon Bridge

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    1. in Newton's notation, a dot over a letter refers to the time derivative while a primed letter refers to the space derivative in 1D.
    However, you will have to quote the passage to be sure.

    2. An introductory college-level work on calculus will usually cover it, or, at least, the tools needed to construct one.
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