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Types of careers that use LaTeX?

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    Hey everyone,

    I have a speech that I was assigned last night, informative in nature. I am thinking of possibly giving a speech on LaTeX use. It's a short speech, five to seven minutes in length. So I am planning to give some examples of what LaTeX can be used for. Here is the question:

    What careers use LaTeX? Google gives me a lot of information about condoms and gloves. I know that a lot of researchers use it, as well as authors and typesetters. It seems to me that there should be a lot more career groups that use LaTeX, am I right? So if anyone here uses it on a somewhat regular basis (or at least needs to know it for their work -- hobbyist or otherwise), please reply with what type of work you're in, and how LaTeX makes your work easier.
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    Prostitutes and doctors both use latex...

    Oh you mean LaTeX! Any field in which you're typesetting documents on a regular basis can benefit from using LaTeX.
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    Anyone who writes.
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    As a student I'll say that learning some LaTeX has been great for my long papers, but the effort was wasted on shorter ones earlier in my education. I use it for all of my lab reports and any homeworks that are supposed to be presented 'nicely'. I'm going into senior year of my mechanical engineering undergrad and I'm in the minority of my peers that use LaTeX for reports. The largest difficulty I have had with it is that on the longest papers I write, I'll collaborate with a small group (who has not learned LaTeX) and have to use Word then. That said, LaTeX isn't the be-all-end-all amazing thing that makes all documents amazing. Content is what makes a paper. Good use of LaTeX just kind of helps to "take care" of style and provide an easier environment for equation writing and editing for me.
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    Awesome, thanks a lot.

    I agree that LaTeX isn't the be-all-end-all, it does have its downsides.
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