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Typical engineer's life problems

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    Let's discuss the next problem:

    An unfortunated engineer has one heavy stone that has to be moved a small distance. Thus, he thinks of pushing it away by means of a water jet, pointing it towards stone centre of mass. But he has to types of jet available:

    -One has 50 bar of static pressure and 5 m/s of water velocity.
    -The other has 10 bar of static pressure and 89.5 m/s of water velocity.

    One jet has to be choosen in order to provide the neccesary force to push the stone a short distance, as engineer's boss is claiming all day it has to be done.

    What type of jet would you choose?.
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    I would personaly choose the first jet. Becouse the stone is heavy and it would probably be easyer to move with a jet that has more static pressure.
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    First one, more static pressure.
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    The first one has a very small advantage when you figure out the total pressure by my calculations. I think the point of the exercise is to use Bernouli's law, though.
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    My opinion is similar to yours. It is certain that if you compute total presure is aprox. the same in both cases. I have not the universal answer, but in my opinion, if you pay attention to the leading stagnation point that is formed in the interface stone-water, it seems pressure total is what exerts the pushing force. Those who had said static pressure has not written the momentum equation in the jet direction.

    Any opinion counteracting what I have just said is welcomed, but it is logical to think velocity provides the exchange of momentum to the stone, although static pressure acts like a "total pressure" reservoir ready to be released when the water stagnates eventually at the zone of frontal contact. So that both of the jets would be valid, isn't it?.
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