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U.S. Schools on the East Coast

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm planning a trip to visit a few schools on the East Coast of the US. So far, I have...


    I'm just visiting some good schools for graduate school. So, any recommendations that are roughly in the same area would be greatly appreciated. :biggrin:

    I don't know many American schools or there locations. :frown:

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    Penn State :P
    Cheap and well known :)
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    edit... I am under the assumption that you are looking at grad school for Math.
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    Near Princeton,
    Rutgers is about 20 mi away, and U. Penn (in Philadelphia) is 50 mi away.

    Near Harvard/MIT,
    Brandeis, Tufts, Northeastern, BostonU, etc..

    Near NYU and Columbia,
    Stony Brook is about 60 mi away. Cornell and Penn State are bit inland (about 200mi) from the NYC "coast".
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    it would help if you post what you were going for...my goal is to get into CMU/UPITTS.

    is boston U/College any good?
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    Thanks guys.

    I'll have to narrow down the list to 5 school probably. MIT and Princeton are for sure on the list though.

    And, yes this is for math.
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