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Undergrad at Canada for engineering (International Student)

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    Hi everyone, may I know which university in Canada is considered the best for Undergraduate engineering? (most likely Electrical/Computer Engineering). I heard of University of Toronto, McGill, British Columbia, Queens, McMaster, Alberta, Ryerson and etc. I heard UofT is hard to get into and i also heard about the tough life there (it's ok for me to have competition, but the most important for me is the academic quality)... can anyone give me some advices and recommendations? Any student in this forum studying before in these universities?

    (University of Waterloo is not accepted by my sponsor - I heard it's good but too bad I can't join)

    Thank you very much! :smile:
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    Unfortunate that you cannot attend Waterloo, especially if you are interested in Electrical/Computer Engineering. I would rank all of the other universities you mentioned equally (I went to Queen's). Waterloo however, is in its own league. I find most waterloo engineers to have a great deal of hands on experience, which is arguably the most important aspect of an engineering education.
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    Behind Waterloo, U of T and McGill are the other big name schools for engineering. Queens has an engineering physics program which is pretty good as well. The other schools you mentioned are still very good programs but are considered to be in a "second tier" behind UW, McGill and U of T.
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    I agree with the above poster regarding UofT and McGill. This is mainly because Toronto and Montreal house a large number of engineering companies, which tend to partner closely with the academic engineering faculties for their research programs. This translates into a great deal of industry exposure for the students, as well as a greater number of opportunities for internship placement.

    This applies to most large metropolitan cities (Calgary, for example), so keep this in mind as you make your choice. I would strongly recommend you volunteer in design teams (preferably ones who work closely with industry) to get some real engineering experience and references. Engineering education is becoming increasingly useless as curricula become outdated and teaching methodologies fail to evolve with rapid pace of industry. Thus, it is up to you as the student to immerse yourself in current engineering practices, which is done best by contributing to an engineering project (e.g. Google/Progressive Auto X-prize teams).
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    Since you are studying at Queen's, how will u rate it? thanks.

    And thanks a bunch to others for giving me such valuable information... I knew that UofT is ranked as Canada #1 University, however, in http://www.globecampus.ca/navigator/rankings/ [Broken] and http://www.studentsreview.com/Canada/ UofT only get an average satisfaction of B for engineering (which is quite disappointing). Is the "grade" B undervalued UofT? Any ideas? (prefer anyone who studied in UofT to tell me your experience to clear my doubts..)

    Thanks again!
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    I think that U of T is so high in most rankings because of their engineering science program which is the hardest engineering program in the country, without a doubt. Other than that, from what I've heard, the other engineering disciplines at U of T are average.
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    uh wait - what's the difference between Engineering Science and Electrical/ Computer Engineer? I am interested in the latter, but according to you it is just "average"? can u share some real life experience here? Thanks a lot!
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    From what I've heard Engineering Science at UofT is a no compromise science/engineering hybrid program that prepares the student for a future in cutting edge engineering research in a field of his choosing. It has a very low acceptance rate due to the incredibly demanding curriculum. In hindsight, I wish I had applied for this program, as I feel my curiosity was stifled by the Queen's Mechanical Engineering program. This program is for those who seek challenge and are committed to learning. It is not for students who come to university for partying and wasting time.

    Regarding your question about Queen's: our Computer/Electrical Engineering program is one of the toughest in the country. I know most of the professors personally, and they are very strict academics who share my draconian views of learning :). I will make the same disclaimer as I did for Eng Sci at UofT: Elec/Comp Eng at Queen's is a very challenging program and is not for the weak willed. The professors will challenge you beyond your limits, and no A level/IB exams you've written will prepare you. They only test critical thinking and problem solving, so you must have the right mindset to succeed.

    I must clarify when I say the programs above are challenging: students who truly wish to learn Electrical Engineering will be ecstatic in the program, as it is incredibly thorough and fast paced. For these students, Elec/Comp Eng. at Queen's is a fantastic choice. Any other mindset however, will spell a world of trouble and grief.
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    Ok thanks for the info! I'll include Queen's in my choice. I like challenging programs!

    Lets say if we put aside Engineering Science, what do you think about UofT's ECE (Electrical/Computer Engineer)?
    In my previous post mentioning about the "ratings" on http://www.globecampus.ca/navigator/rankings/ [Broken] , UofT get a "B" grade for it's engineering course (ranked #8 in engineering in world by THE-QS), but Queen's get an "A" (ranked #136 in engineering in world by THE-QS) - can you please comment on this?

    Thanks again! (sorry if I am too annoying asking too many questions)
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    I have no experience with UofT's ECE program, so I cannot comment there. However, I would expect that it would be a competitive program, as UofT is Canada's largest (and most prestigious) institution.
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