Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses

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I know some undergraduates who are taking graduate level courses at my school. Do you think it's a good a idea for me to take a graduate level class in order to understand more about my current research? BTW, the class I am considering is taught by my research advisor, and the subject concerns the research that I am a part of. Of course, you need the consent of the instructor to enroll in the class.

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I would suggest that you ask your advisor then. It's not entirely uncommon for undergrads to take grad level courses, but whether or not such a course would be right for you depends on the specifics of your situation and the two best people to work that out will be you and your advisor.
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Tom Mattson
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If you've completed the prerequisites and it's pertinent to your research, then I say go for it. I took two grad level courses (Quantum Mechanics I and Quantum Chemistry) as a college senior, and it worked out fine.
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I've taken about six or seven in the last three semesters, and I've done just as well in them as I have in my undergraduate courses. If you've got the prerequisites, I don't see a problem from a purely course level perspective.
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Thanks for the advice. I will consider taking one for next quarter.

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