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Understanding redshift surveys

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    ....With Galaxy Explorer 2.0


    I'm doing some personal reaserch on Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and I was wondering if anyone here uses this software?

    If so, could you tell me what the center is?

    For details of the SDSS project check the websites:
    GalaxyExplorer: a 3D visualization tool: http://cas.sdss.org/dr4/en/help/download/

    thank you
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    I use the radial search and photometric catalogues a bit. What do you need to know specifically?
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    Sorry, should've uploaded that from the beginning. I zoomed out as far I could to give some perspective. Specifically, I just wanted get some perspective about the middle.

    http://img446.imageshack.us/img446/9670/capture48200631255pm2vf.png [Broken]

    Here is what the read-me says.

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    The center is us (the Milky Way). The pie slices are the parts of the universe that we can see with SDSS. A galaxy's radial distance from us is estimated from its redshift.
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    Thank you, SpaceTiger and matt.o.
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